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We’re here to guide the early steps of your little one.

When toddlers discover something that piques their interest, their minds are ignited to know more. Here at Successful Starters Learning Academy, we guide your child in developing camaraderie, as well as independence. This way, they can communicate and work together with fellow kids during activities and events. Aside from that, we also aim to enhance their skills in speech, communication, problem-solving, literacy, gross motor skills, as well as their creativity.

Our Toddler Care Program caters to children who are 18 to 36 months old. Our reliable, friendly faculty team will walk with your toddler in honing their knowledge and skills at an early age.

Our stimulating classroom environment gives your child room to move and explore. The classroom is equipped with educational toys and activities. Our staff goes a step above what is required by child care licensing by giving each student time to explore and seek developmental needs.

Our curriculum allows the teacher to teach during circle time and one-on-one. This way, we can better understand the needs of students and communicate with them effectively. Additionally, homework is provided to promote parent-student interaction. We ask that parents help complete their child’s homework within 15 minutes daily. Statistics show this age group’s attention span is no more than 15 minutes, and longer than that will reduce children’s interest to learn and participate.

We also provide potty training to help your child become more independent and responsible. In turn, it takes some weight off your shoulders in terms of buying and changing diapers.

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